Trump's Trial Gag Order: Protecting Staff from Threats and Controversy

Judge overseeing Trump's fraud trial imposes a partial gag order on Trump's lawyers.

Judge Engoron cites "on the record, repeated, inappropriate remarks" about his law clerk.

The First Amendment right of defendants and attorneys to comment on staff is outweighed by the need for protection from threats.

The wider gag order bars Trump's lawyers from commenting on confidential communications.

Lawyers falsely accused the law clerk of bias and improper influence on the trial

Judge Engoron's chambers inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening communications.

Trump defense lawyers prohibited from making any public statements on confidential communications.

Violating the gag order could lead to serious sanctions.

Expansion of the order follows a verbal swipe at the court's female law clerk.

Trump's attorneys previously fined for attacking the law clerk.