Ivanka Trump set to be state's final witness in her father's $250 million fraud trial

Ivanka Trump set to be the state's final witness in a $250 million civil fraud case against her father, former President Donald Trump, and his company.

Ivanka distanced herself from her father's business in 2017 and is not involved in his 2024 presidential campaign.

Initially included as a defendant, Ivanka was later dismissed from the case due to statute of limitations.

New York Attorney General Letitia James compelled Ivanka to testify, arguing she has relevant knowledge.

The case alleges a decade-long fraud by the Trumps to inflate their assets for better loan terms and insurance deals.

Ivanka's testimony may focus on her involvement in financial statements and business deals.

She faces the challenge of not implicating herself personally and not inflaming tensions within her family.

The trial aims to determine the Trumps' liability for the alleged fraud and potential penalties.

The Trumps deny wrongdoing and have appealed the judge's pretrial ruling.