Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index Facts

In contrast to other indexes, TSM provides a thorough overview of the market by including almost all publicly listed U.S. stocks.

It offers a comprehensive perspective of the US market by including small- and mid-cap firms in addition to large-cap stocks.

TSM has produced outstanding average yearly returns over the previous century, demonstrating its power as an investment benchmark.

 Learn how TSM contrasts with the S&P 500 and why some investors prefer it.

TSM's industry breakdown highlights fewer well-known sectors that frequently succeed and offer special investing opportunities.

Discover how TSM takes dividends into account to provide investors a more precise picture of their returns.

Learn about the index's impact on global markets and why it is so carefully followed globally.

Describe the construction process for TSM and how it responds to market changes.

Learn why TSM is a cornerstone of passive investment strategies that draws millions of people. 

Learn about the more than 3,000 stocks that comprise this thorough index.

Learn more about how equities are distributed within TSM based on market capitalization.

Learn about the sector rotation method and how TSM may be utilized to apply it for potentially higher returns.

Discover how TSM might be a key component of your retirement portfolio in our article on the topic of retirement planning.

Understand how TSM influences the performance of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Examine how TSM is changing and how it relates to today's digital world.