Biden's Unprecedented Support for Israel: 10 Key Moments

"Biden's Moment of Leadership" Biden asserts his authority during a Zoom call with hostage families.

"Champion of Israel" Biden's transformation from a questioned figure to Israel's champion.

"Unprecedented Military Assistance" Biden pledges "unprecedented" military support for Israel.

"Gratitude from Israel" Israelis express their gratitude with billboards welcoming Biden.

"Netanyahu's Decline" Netanyahu's support wanes following the Hamas attack.

"Biden's Popularity in Israel" Biden's popularity soars as he condemns the attack and offers aid.

"Biden's Unique Message" Biden's message resonates uniquely in Israel due to a leadership vacuum.

"A Promise of Support" Biden reassures Israel's security while cautioning against anger.

"Conservative Applause" Even Israeli conservatives laud Biden's support

 "Criticism and Controversy" Biden faces criticism for humanitarian assistance and hostage deals.