What Is Larry Kudlow Net Worth? Wiki and Biography Revealed!

Larry Kudlow Net Worth, Wiki & Bio
Discover the untold story of Larry Kudlow Net Worth fascinating life and career, an influential figure in the world of economics and media. Learn about his education, work in government, and his role as a media personality. Explore Kudlow’s economic philosophy, political views, and contributions to the Reagan administration. Gain insights into his views on globalization and trade, its impact on financial markets, and future plans and projects. This comprehensive article covers everything you need to know about Larry Kudlow’s life, career, and impact.

Larry Kudlow Intro

Larry Kudlow is a notable figure in the realm of financial matters and media. He has had a long and fruitful vocation as a business analyst, monetary investigator, and media character, and his work essentially affects financial strategy and monetary detailing.

In this article, we will investigate Larry Kudlow’s life, vocation, and effect. We will begin by taking a gander at his initial life and training, prior to continuing on toward his work in financial matters and government. We will likewise dig into Kudlow’s job as a media character, remembering his work for CNBC and Fox News. Through the article, we will address applicable watchwords like Larry Kudlow, total assets, wiki, and bio.

Also, we will talk about Kudlow’s monetary way of thinking, political perspectives, and commitments to the Reagan organization. We will likewise see his perspectives on globalization and exchange, his effect on monetary business sectors, and his tentative arrangements and tasks. Toward the finish of this article, perusers will have an exhaustive comprehension of who Larry Kudlow is, what he has achieved, and what he has meant for the universe of financial matters and media.

Larry Kudlow Bio

NameLarry Kudlow
Full NameLawrence Alan Kudlow
Birth of PlaceEnglewood, New Jersey, United States
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1947
Age75 Yrs
Height1.80m. (5′ 9″)
Weight154 lbs / 70 Kg
EducationUniversity Of Rochester, Princeton University, Elisabeth Morrow School
FatherIrving Howard Kudlow
MotherRuth Kudlow
Spouse/ExJudith Kudlow (M. 1986), Nancy Gerstein (M. 1974–1975), Susan Cullman Sicher (M. 1981; Divorced)
MoviesHillary: The Movie
PartyRepublican Party
Monthly Income$85,000 +
Salary$1.5 Million (Annual) +
Larry Kudlow Net Worth$25 Million

Early Life and Career

Larry Kudlow was born on August 20, 1947, in Englewood, New Jersey. He experienced childhood in a working-class family and went to Dwight-Englewood School, a tuition-based school in his old neighborhood. Kudlow proceeded to go to the College of Rochester, where he got a degree in history in 1969. He later procured a graduate degree in financial matters from Princeton College in 1971.

In the wake of finishing his schooling, Kudlow started his profession in government. He functioned as a staff financial expert for the Central Bank of New York from 1971 to 1972, preceding joining the Nixon organization as a lesser financial analyst. Kudlow additionally filled in as a partner chief for financial matters and arranged at the Workplace of The board and Spending plan during the Portage organization.

In the mid-1980s, Kudlow left taxpayer-supported organizations and entered the confidential area. He functioned as a financial expert and monetary investigator for different speculation banks, including Bear Stearns and Paine Webber. During this time, Kudlow likewise started to secure himself as a media character, showing up as a visitor pundit on different news programs.

In general, Kudlow’s initial vocation direction was centered around financial matters and government. He utilized his schooling and early work encounters to construct an establishment for a fruitful vocation in money and media, which he would proceed to seek after before long.

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Conservative Economics and Supply-Side Economics

Larry Kudlow is notable for his backing of moderate financial matters and supply-side financial matters. He has for quite some time been a defender of lessening charges and guidelines to advance financial development and occupation creation. Kudlow’s perspectives are established in the standards of unregulated economy private enterprise, and he has contended that the public authority ought to assume a restricted part in the economy.

One of Kudlow’s most striking commitments to moderate financial matters was his work as a staff financial analyst for the Reagan organization during the 1980s. He assumed a vital part in molding Reagan’s monetary strategies, especially in the space of tax reductions and liberation. Kudlow was an area of strength for Reagan’s stockpile side financial matters approach, which underlined the significance of diminishing duties and expanding interest to invigorate monetary development.

Notwithstanding his work in government, Kudlow has likewise been an unmistakable voice in the media pushing for moderate financial matters. He has been a standard pundit on CNBC and Fox News, where he has stood up on the side of strategies, for example, tax reductions and liberation. Kudlow has likewise composed various articles and books regarding the matter, including his 1997 book “American Overflow: The New Financial and Moral Flourishing.”

By and large, Kudlow’s promotion for moderate financial matters and supply-side financial matters has been a characterizing element of his profession. His work fundamentally affects financial strategy and public talk, and he stays a regarded and powerful voice in the realm of financial matters and governmental issues.

Kudlow’s Work as a Financial Pundit

Notwithstanding his work in government and backing for moderate financial matters, Larry Kudlow has become famous as a monetary savant. He has had spells at both CNBC and Fox News, where he has given examinations and analyses on monetary business sectors and financial news.

One of Kudlow’s most prominent commitments to monetary punditry was his show, The Kudlow Report, which circulated on CNBC from 2009 to 2014. The show zeroed in on monetary news and market examination, and Kudlow’s skills and experiences were generally regarded in the business. The Kudlow Report was known for its energy and connection with conversations, and it essentially affected monetary announcing and examination during its run.

In the wake of leaving CNBC, Kudlow joined Fox News as a benefactor and host. He at present has a show on the organization called Kudlow, which highlights interviews with noticeable figures in the realm of money and financial matters. Kudlow’s critique on Fox News has been commended for its clearness and understanding, and he stays a regarded voice in the monetary punditry world.

Generally speaking, Kudlow’s work as a monetary savant has been a significant piece of his profession. He has utilized his insight and mastery to give important bits of knowledge into monetary business sectors and financial news, and his commitments altogether affect the field of monetary detailing and examination.

National Economic Council and the Trump Administration

Larry Kudlow filled in as the Head of the Public Monetary Gathering (NEC) under the Trump organization from 2018 to 2021. As the top of the NEC, Kudlow was answerable for prompting the President on monetary strategy and organizing the organization’s financial drives.

During his residency at the NEC, Kudlow assumed a key part in molding the Trump organization’s monetary strategy. He was a vocal backer of the organization’s tax reductions and liberation endeavors, contending that these strategies would prompt expanded monetary development and occupation creation. Kudlow additionally worked intimately with the President to arrange economic accords and advance American organizations and enterprises.

One of Kudlow’s most eminent commitments as the Overseer of the NEC was his part in the section of the Tax Reductions and Occupations Act in 2017. He was a vocal ally of the bill, which he contended would give huge advantages to American organizations and laborers. Kudlow likewise assumed a critical part in the organization’s reaction to the financial effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, attempting to carry out strategies to help organizations and people impacted by the emergency.

Generally speaking, Kudlow’s residency at the NEC was set apart by serious areas of strength to moderate financial matters and supportive of development strategies. His effect on financial strategy during the Trump organization was critical, and he stays a regarded figure in the realm of monetary approach and legislative issues.

Larry Kudlow Net Worth 2023

Larry Kudlow net worth in 2023 is assessed to be around $25 million, as per different sources. Kudlow’s abundance comes from a blend of his vocation as a financial analyst, monetary intellectual, and government official, as well as his speculations and individual budgets.

Kudlow’s vocation in money and financial matters traverses quite a few years, and he has constructed a standing as a learned and regarded figure in the business. He has likewise served in different government positions all throughout his profession, including as an individual from the Gathering of Financial Counsels under President Ronald Reagan and as the Overseer of the Public Monetary Chamber under President Donald Trump.

Notwithstanding his vocation and government work, Kudlow has likewise made huge interests in stocks and land. He is accounted for to have a differentiated venture portfolio that incorporates a scope of resources, from stocks and securities to land possessions.

Kudlow started his vocation as a staff financial expert at the Central Bank of New York, where he worked from 1970 to 1972. He later worked in different jobs in the Reagan organization, including as a spending plan official and partner chief for financial matters and arranging.

In the wake of leaving the government, Kudlow worked in different media jobs, including as a host on CNBC and a supporter of Public Survey and The Money Road Diary. He likewise functioned as a monetary pundit on WABC Radio and The Larry Kudlow Show.

Notwithstanding his work in financial matters and media, Kudlow has likewise put resources into different organizations and enterprises throughout the long term. He has been a board part for a few organizations, including AIG, The New York Central Bank, and Soul Carriers.

Larry Kudlow net worth is an impression of his effective vocation in money and financial matters, as well as his sharp ventures and monetary preparation. While he has confronted a few contentions all through his vocation, his monetary achievement is a demonstration of his mastery and difficult work in the field. Larry Kudlow has fabricated his net worth through a blend of his work in financial matters, media, and speculations, and he is viewed as quite possibly the most compelling figure in the monetary world.

Personal Life and Legacy

Larry Kudlow’s own life is moderately private, yet he has spoken openly about his family and interests. He has been hitched multiple times and has two youngsters. Kudlow is additionally known for his affection for sports, especially baseball, and golf, and has seriously loved the New York Yankees for a long time.

Kudlow’s heritage in the realm of financial matters and monetary announcing is critical. He has been a vocal backer for moderate financial matters and supportive of development strategies all through his vocation, and his work fundamentally affects monetary strategy in the US. As a monetary savant, Kudlow has likewise assumed a vital part in molding public view of monetary issues, and his shows on CNBC and Fox News have been compelling in the realm of monetary revealing.

Notwithstanding his arrangement and media work, Kudlow is additionally known for his commitment to the universe of financial aspects of research. He has distributed various papers and articles on subjects going from charge strategy to global exchange, and his work has been compelling in profoundly shaping monetary ideas in the US.

Generally speaking, Larry Kudlow’s own life and inheritance mirror his commitment to moderate financial matters and his commitments to the universe of monetary announcing and monetary examination. While his perspectives and strategies have been questionable on occasion, there is no question that his effect on the field has been critical, and he stays a regarded figure in the realm of financial matters and money.

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Larry Kudlow’s Books and Speeches

Larry Kudlow has published several books on economic policy and personal finance throughout his career. Some of his notable works include “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” “American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity,” and “The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy—If We Let It Happen.”

Kudlow is likewise a sought-after speaker, and he has given various discourses on monetary strategy and related points. He has tended to crowds at significant gatherings and occasions, including the Public Press Club, the Monetary Club of New York, and the Milken Establishment Worldwide Meeting. A portion of the key subjects he tends to in his talks incorporates the advantages of unrestricted economy private enterprise, the significance of duty strategy, and the requirement for financial development and occupation creation.

Kudlow’s books and addresses mirror his skill and experiences in the field of financial aspects and money. His work on monetary arrangement has been powerful in forming public strategy and discussion, and his talks have assisted with teaching and illuminating crowds on significant financial issues. In general, Kudlow’s commitments to the universe of financial aspects and money reach a long way past his work as a monetary savant and government official, and his books and talks are a demonstration of his insight and mastery in the field.

Awards and Honors

Larry Kudlow has been perceived for his work in financial aspects and media with a few honors and praises all through his profession. In 2001, he was granted the Warren Brookes Grant for Greatness in News Coverage, which perceives extraordinary reporting in the field of unregulated economic financial matters.

Kudlow has likewise been perceived for his commitment to the field of financial aspects. In 2018, he was granted the Truman Award for Financial Strategy, which perceives people who have made critical commitments to monetary arrangements and schooling.

Notwithstanding these honors, Kudlow has been named to a few arrangements of persuasive people in the media and financial matters fields. In 2014, he was named one of the “50 Most Influential Individuals in Washington” by GQ magazine, and he has been remembered for arrangements of the most compelling individuals in media and financial matters through distributions like Forbes and The Money Road Diary.

By and large, Kudlow’s honors and praises mirror his critical commitments to the fields of financial aspects and media, and they exhibit the effect that his work has had on these significant regions.

Controversies and Criticisms

While Larry Kudlow has made huge progress in the fields of financial matters and media, his work has likewise been the subject of discussions and reactions.

One significant discussion encompassing Kudlow’s work is his promotion of supply-side financial matters, which has been reprimanded by certain market analysts as inadequate and leaning toward the affluent. Kudlow has additionally been condemned for his expectations about the economy and monetary business sectors, with certain investigators contending that his history isn’t so precise as it ought to be.

Furthermore, Kudlow has confronted analysis with the help of specific arrangements and political figures. For instance, he was a vocal ally of the Trump organization’s tax breaks and other financial strategies, which some contended inclined toward the rich and didn’t give huge advantages to the center and lower classes. Kudlow has likewise confronted analysis for his perspectives on environmental change and migration, with some contending that his positions are destructive and withdrawn from most Americans.

It is significant, in any case, that Kudlow’s work and perspectives are not without their allies. Numerous people in the moderate financial matters and media networks keep on adulating his work and promotion with the expectation of complimentary business sectors and supply-side financial aspects.

Generally speaking, while there are unquestionably discussions and reactions encompassing Larry Kudlow’s work, it is essential to think about all viewpoints and assess his work and sentiments in the setting.

Kudlow’s Impact on Financial Reporting and Public Perception of Economics

Larry Kudlow fundamentally affects monetary detailing and public impression of financial matters. As a conspicuous media character, Kudlow has had the option to shape public talk on monetary strategy and impact how monetary news is accounted for.

One key way that Kudlow has affected monetary detailing is through his emphasis on unregulated economies and supply-side financial aspects. Kudlow has been a vocal promoter of these monetary hypotheses, and his detailing has frequently mirrored this point of view. This has assisted with moving the focal point of monetary revealing away from conventional Keynesian financial matters and towards a more market-situated approach.

Kudlow has additionally been fruitful in molding the public impression of financial aspects and monetary approach. His media presence and capacity to improve on complex monetary ideas have assisted with making financial matters more open to a more extensive crowd. Also, his support with the expectation of complimentary business sectors and supply-side financial matters has assisted with advocating these thoughts and making them more standard.

Generally speaking, Larry Kudlow’s effect on monetary detailing and public impression of financial matters has been critical. Through his work as a media character and supporter with the expectation of complimentary business sectors, he has assisted with molding how financial matters are accounted for and grasped by the general society.

Kudlow’s Role in Economic Recovery Efforts

Larry Kudlow’s plays had a huge impact on financial recuperation endeavors all throughout his profession, especially during seasons of monetary slumps like the Coronavirus pandemic. As the Head of the Public Monetary Gathering under the Trump organization, Kudlow was engaged with forming financial strategy and directing recuperation endeavors.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Kudlow upheld arrangements pointed toward kicking off monetary development, for example, tax reductions and liberation. He likewise upheld the Considerations Act, which gave monetary alleviation to people and organizations impacted by the pandemic. Kudlow’s support for these arrangements assisted with molding the public authority’s reaction to the monetary effect of the pandemic.

All through his vocation, Kudlow has been serious areas of strength for supply-side financial matters and unregulated economies, which he accepts are vital to driving monetary development and recuperation. His approach positions have frequently been disputable, for certain pundits contending that his accentuation on tax reductions and liberation excessively benefit the well-off and add to financial imbalance.

Generally, Larry Kudlow’s job in monetary recuperation endeavors has been huge, especially during seasons of financial emergency like the Coronavirus pandemic. His arrangement positions and promotion for supply-side financial aspects have assisted with molding government reaction to monetary slumps and guided recuperation endeavors.

Kudlow’s Future and Impact on the Economic Landscape

Larry Kudlow has kept on being engaged with the open arena since leaving his job as Head of the Public Financial Chamber in 2020. He has shown up on different news programs and has composed commentaries for distributions like The Money Road Diary and Public Survey.

It is hazy what Kudlow’s tentative arrangements are, yet given his broad involvement with moderate financial matters and monetary detailing, almost certainly, he will keep on being associated with this region to some limit.

Kudlow’s effect on the financial scene has been huge, especially in his support for supply-side financial matters and his part in molding monetary arrangements during the Trump organization. He essentially affects monetary detailing, both through his work at CNBC and Fox News and through his books and discourses. His heritage around there is probably going to go on long into the future.

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Kudlow’s Economic Philosophy

Larry Kudlow’s monetary way of thinking has to a great extent been impacted by his promotion of nothing-market free enterprise and supply-side financial matters. He has confidence in a restricted government that gives negligible guidelines and low charges to empower private speculation and business development. Kudlow additionally accentuates the significance of deregulation and globalization in setting out monetary development and freedom.

After some time, Kudlow’s financial way of thinking has advanced to put a more noteworthy accentuation on monetary traditionalism, especially with regard to paying off the public obligation and shortages. He has likewise become more vocal in his analysis of protectionist strategies and has upheld more prominent liberation in the monetary business.

Kudlow’s monetary way of thinking varies from other financial speculations, for example, Keynesian financial aspects, which underlines the job of government spending in animating financial development during slumps. Kudlow accepts that private venture and business development are the keys to financial success, and that administration intercession ought to be kept to a base.

Kudlow’s Political Views

Larry Kudlow is a notable moderate reporter and financial expert, and his political perspectives line up with moderate development. He has been an individual from the Conservative Faction and has been a guide to a few conservative organizations. Kudlow’s political perspectives have affected his work in financial aspects and monetary revealing, as he frequently advocates free-of-charge market standards and restricted government mediation in the economy. He is a vocal pundit of moderate strategies like abundance reallocation and has upheld strategies, for example, tax breaks and liberation. Kudlow’s political affiliations have likewise procured him analysis from certain quarters, with some blaming him for being too hardliner in his examination and announcing.

Kudlow’s Contributions to the Reagan Administration

Larry Kudlow’s profession in financial matters and monetary revealing has been a long and celebrated one, however, his initial work in government assumed a critical part in molding his monetary way of thinking and later vocation. One of his most outstanding commitments was his work in the Reagan organization, where he filled in as a spending plan official and assumed a critical part in forming monetary strategy during a period of extraordinary change in the American economy.

During his time in the Reagan organization, Kudlow worked intimately with other key figures in the organization, including David Stockman, who filled in as the Head of the Workplace of The board and Financial plan. Kudlow assumed a key part in making the organization’s monetary strategies, which depended on the standards of supply-side financial matters and faith in the force of the unrestricted economy to drive financial development.

One of Kudlow’s most significant commitments during this time span was his work on charge strategy. He was a critical planner of the organization’s tax reductions, which were intended to invigorate financial development by bringing down charge rates and lessening the weight of unofficial law. Kudlow contended that these arrangements would prompt expanded speculation, work creation, and monetary thriving, and he worked vigorously to advance these thoughts both inside the organization and to the more extensive public.

Kudlow’s work during the Reagan organization significantly affected his later profession in financial aspects and monetary revealing. He kept on pushing for the standards of supply-side financial matters and unrestricted economy private enterprise all throughout his vocation, and his time in government gave him a one-of-a-kind point of view on the job that administration would be able and ought to play in molding monetary strategy.

Today, Kudlow is most popular for his work as a monetary savant and reporter, however, his commitments to the Reagan organization assumed a vital part in molding his perspectives on financial matters and public strategy. His inheritance as a promoter of moderate financial matters and unregulated economy free enterprise can be followed back to his initial work in government, where he assisted with molding one of the most weighty monetary arrangement plans of the advanced period.

Kudlow’s Views on Globalization and Trade

Larry Kudlow has been a serious area of strength with the expectation of complimentary exchange and globalization all through his vocation. He has been disparaging protectionist strategies, contending that they hurt financial development and breaking point valuable open doors for American organizations and customers. Kudlow has called for lower exchange boundaries and more open business sectors, especially concerning China. In his job as Overseer of the Public Financial Chamber under the Trump organization, he arranged economic accords and attempted to advance streamlined commerce strategies. Kudlow has additionally been disparaging of global associations, for example, the World Exchange Association, contending that they limit financial opportunity and force unjustifiable guidelines on organizations. In general, Kudlow’s perspectives on globalization and exchange mirror his more extensive way of thinking about moderate financial matters and backing with the expectation of complimentary business sectors.

Kudlow’s Impact on Financial Markets

Larry Kudlow essentially affects monetary business sectors through his detailing style and discourse on the financial arrangement. As a noticeable monetary intellectual and previous Head of the Public Financial Committee, his perspectives and explanations are firmly watched by financial backers and monetary experts. Kudlow’s hopeful and favorable development critique has been credited with supporting financial backer opinion and adding to advertising patterns.

Kudlow’s detailing style is known for being clear and direct, with an emphasis on advancing unregulated economic strategies and supply-side financial matters. He has been a vocal backer of tax reductions, liberation, and streamlined commerce, and his discourse on these issues has helped shape the general assessment of monetary strategy. Kudlow’s skill in monetary strategy and his capacity to make sense of mind-boggling ideas in a reasonable and compact way has made him a confided-in hotspot for monetary news and examination.

Kudlow’s effect on monetary business sectors has not been without debate, be that as it may. A few pundits contend that his hopeful expectations and backing for supply-side financial matters are off track and disregard the more extensive monetary effects of strategy choices. Others have blamed him for advancing a one-sided and thin perspective on a financial strategy that leans toward the interests of the rich and strong.

In general, Kudlow’s effect on monetary business sectors is an impression of his more extensive impact on financial strategy and public view of financial matters. As an unmistakable media figure and strategy counselor, his perspectives and feelings keep on molding banters on monetary strategy and the course of the economy.

Kudlow’s Future Plans and Projects

At this point, there is no substantial data about Larry Kudlow’s likely arrangements and activities. In any case, given his broad involvement with financial matters and money, almost certainly, he will keep on adding to the field to some limit.

As of late, Kudlow has been engaged with various undertakings beyond government and media. For instance, he has filled in as a senior supporter of CNBC and as a visitor on the public broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show. He has likewise functioned as a financial analyst and tactician for various monetary firms, including Bear Stearns and the now-dead Lehman Siblings.

Furthermore, Kudlow has composed a few books on financial matters and individual budgets, including “JFK and the Reagan Transformation: A Mysterious History of American Flourishing” and “American Overflow: The New Monetary and Moral Thriving”. These books mirror Kudlow’s moderate financial way of thinking and his faith in the force of unrestricted economies and supply-side strategies to advance monetary development and success.

Given Kudlow’s long and differed vocation in financial matters and money, almost certainly, he will keep on being engaged with these fields to some limit from now on. Whether through composition, talking commitment, or different tasks, Kudlow will probably keep on offering his experiences and points of view on monetary approach and monetary business sectors into the indefinite future.

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In conclusion, Larry Kudlow is an unmistakable monetary pundit, previous government official, and media character who fundamentally affects monetary detailing and financial strategy. He has worked for different associations, including CNBC, Fox News, and the Public Financial Chamber under the Trump organization. Kudlow is likewise a productive writer, having composed a few books on financial strategy and individual budgets. He has gotten various honors and respects all throughout his profession, remembering acknowledgment for his work in financial matters and media. While Kudlow’s perspectives on the financial approach and globalization have been questionable, his commitments to the field of financial matters and money are generally recognized. Looking forward, Kudlow keeps on affecting the financial scene through his continuous work in media and money.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is Larry Kudlow’s net worth in 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Larry Kudlow net worth is estimated to be $25 million as of 2023.

What is Larry Kudlow’s educational background?

Larry Kudlow earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Rochester and a Master of Arts in Economics from Princeton University.

What is Larry Kudlow’s current occupation?

Larry Kudlow is currently a host on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” and a commentator on Fox News.

Has Larry Kudlow written any books?

Yes, Larry Kudlow has written several books, including “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” “American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity,” and “The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy–If We Let It Happen.”

What is Larry Kudlow’s stance on free trade?

Larry Kudlow is a strong advocate for free trade and has criticized protectionist policies that he believes harm economic growth.

What is Larry Kudlow’s political affiliation?

Larry Kudlow is a conservative and has worked as an economic advisor for several Republican presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

What controversies have Larry Kudlow been involved in?

Larry Kudlow has faced criticism for his financial reporting and policy stances, including his support for tax cuts that some argue disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

What is Larry Kudlow’s legacy in the field of economics?

Larry Kudlow is known for his support with the expectation of complimentary market strategies and his work in advancing stock-side financial matters, which underscores the significance of diminishing duties and guidelines to animate monetary development.

What is Larry Kudlow’s family background?

Larry Kudlow was born and raised in New Jersey, and his father was a salesman and his mother was a homemaker.

What is Larry Kudlow’s involvement in the Reagan administration?

Larry Kudlow worked as a budget official in the Reagan administration and played a key role in shaping economic policy during that time.

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